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Coop Reviews is a site dedicated to cooperative gaming. We play any games that allow multiple players to work together, discuss them in great detail, and rate them according to several different categories that we value when we play games together. Our goal is to give you entertaining reviews of these games that are thorough enough to allow you and your friends to decide on the next great game you want to play together.

This new version of the site is still a work-in-progress, but we feel that it is an improvement over the original MediaWiki site even in its current incomplete form. The old site is still accessible via the old links for backwards compatibility.

Who We Are

Coop Reviews was founded in 2010 by three friends to address some of the issues with finding quality cooperative game reviews on the internet. While various game review sites already exist, it is not our goal to compete with any of them, but rather to present a unique perspective into many cooperative games. Rather than a single overall rating, we go in depth into a set of categories. Our system allows you to decide which of those categories are important to you, so you can reach a better conclusion as to what games you want to play.

Furthermore, a common complaint that many gamers have about game reviews is the fact that the reviewers aren't very good at the games they play. While this might be due to the lack of time spent playing the game before writing the review or simple lack of gaming talent, we do not fall into that hole. Not only are we very quick to master games of all types, we also don't rate or review a game until we have played it thoroughly. While this does cause us to be late to the punch when we finally review a game, you can be assured that we have a better grasp on the game's overall appeal.